13th and 14th October 2021 in Hamburg
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Speaker: Monja Mühling

Monja Mühling

Monja Mühling


Monja Mühling is the founder and managing director of Smartlane GmbH, a deep-tech company whose goal is to digitalize the still relatively analog logistics industry and make it more efficient. Together with her two co-founders, she recognized the problems but also the potential in logistics and launched the first AI-based transport logistics software in 2017.

With Smartlane, the three founders offer an intelligent interface for linking complex logistics processes. Among other things, it enables transport costs to be analyzed, displayed transparently and reduced significantly. The software received the AI Award in 2019.

At Smartlane, Monja plays an important role in the strategic development of the product and the target group and is responsible for finance, sales and marketing. She completed her Bachelor and Master in Technology and Management at the Technical University of Munich. With her business management background and enthusiasm for new technologies, she wants to make logistics smarter.

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