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Speaker: Monja Mühling

Monja Mühling

Monja Mühling


Monja Mühling is a co-founder and Managing Director of Smartlane GmbH, a deep tech company dedicated to developing digitalisation solutions that boost operational efficiency in the part load distribution segment where processes are still largely analogue. Recognising the specific challenges facing this segment as well as the optimisation opportunities it harbours, Monja Mühling and her two co-founders launched the first AI-based distribution logistics software in 2017.

Smartlane Transport Intelligence is Smartlane GmbH’s intelligent solution for step-by-step digitalisation and automation of part load delivery route planning or dispatching. Smartlane Transport Intelligence technology simplifies the dispatch process significantly while enabling planners to analyse, transparently monitor, and dramatically lower logistics costs. The solution won the AI Award in 2019.

At Smartlane GmbH, Monja Mühling is responsible for key aspects of strategic software development as well as growing the target audience. In particular, she oversees the company’s financial, sales and marketing activities. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Technology and Management-focused Business Administration from the Technical University of Munich. Monja Mühling is committed to devoting her skills and enthusiasm to empowering the logistics industry through smart technologies.

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