1st October 2020 in Hannover
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Speaker: Daniel Nicht

Daniel Nicht

Daniel Nicht

Gebr. Heinemann

The small family business established by the brothers Carl and Heinrich Heinemann in 1879 has developed over five generations into a major distributor and retailer for the international travel retail market. The backbone of the global flow of products in more than 100 countries relies on our logistics. Daniel Nicht is responsible for the Logistics Controlling & Analytics Department. Since September 2019 he brings his passion for cocatenating data to information into Gebr. Heinemann. Before this he already started to deal with digitilization topics, because of the relevance of data and due to the fact that their elicitation is more focused than ever. The accessibility to adequate information for the targetgroup and a resulting know how transfer is essentiell. On the one hand a reporting setup ist very important and on the other hand the increasing speed and complexity ends up that data has to be generated in a standard way. The logical consequence is that his interests in Digitilization has also increased.

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