13th and 14th October 2021 in Hamburg
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Speaker: Steffen Puls

Steffen Puls

Steffen Puls


Steffen Puls is leading 4 teams across Europe at AIRBUS. The teams are located in France, Spain, Uk and Germany. with the responsibility to drive the Logistics Transformation with End-to-End Supply Chain.

He has now 20 years of experience in different companies and within different responsibilities within production, Supply Chain, engineering, consulting and Logistics. Based on this brought experiences he is able and loves to actively drive the change.

His teams are responsible for development of Logistics strategy and therefore development and implementation of new solutions within the End-to-End Supply Chain for all AIRBUS production areas. Main objectives are the implementation of best in class standards, implementation of new technologies and supporting the digitalisation of the Supply Chain. Beside that he acts as Lean Co-Assessor for Supply Chain and he is responsible within his Process-Owner delegation, for the material flow from Supplier, via warehouse to the PoU (point of use).

Since 2016 he is actively driving the Digital Transformation for Supply Chain and Logistics – noticeable is the implementation of AGVs in the production area to deliver small parts autonomously to the PoU.
He and his teams has successfully started and performed several public funded research projects, which supports the further development of Logistics Vision of AIRBUS.

Represented in the following tracks at the Logistics Summit:

  • 2020 MAIN STAGE: Digitalization in Logistics

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