13th and 14th October 2021 in Berlin
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Speaker: Marco Goldschmidt

Marco Goldschmidt

Marco Goldschmidt

Hauni Maschinenbau

Marco Goldschmidt is responsible for internal logistics at Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH, the leading supplier of machines and systems for the tobacco industry. The global change of tobacco products offers major challenges for the company. In addition to improving internal processes to adapt the company on changing markets the focus is currently on digitizing the internal process chain and creating digital products and solutions for customers. These change projects will have a big effect to the working environment and conditions, for all employees. To this end, the company launched a project several years ago to improve its management culture. The task for us managers at the moment is clear – “enable change and digital transformation and keep the employees on track!” Marco Goldschmidt decrees about many years of management experience in quality management and logistics as well as knowledge of technology, IT and business administration for these goals.

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