5th and 6th October 2022 in Hamburg
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Speaker: Christian Bockelt

Christian Bockelt

Christian Bockelt

DB Schenker

Christian Bockelt is a thought leader of digital transformation. His longtime operational background and experience have a strong impact on all his actions to deliver end to end improvement through digitalization for DB Schenker and his digital customer network. Within his new function as a Senior Vice President for Global IT Management and Digital Solutions focussed on creating digital value by reinventing the core. He is an advocate of a total experience strategy. He truly believes that only those enterprises who can understand the needs of both the unknown customer and the unknown employee will able to inspire them and differentiate themselves from the competition because an experience economy has a tremendous impact on sales and, thus, on the results of today's logistics companies. These are precisely the issues in which large global logistics companies need to become stronger to survive in a competitive environment. To be successful in a competitive environment, large global logistics players need to become more agile and understand that IT is not just the support unit for a company's business units. By understanding the paradigm shift digitalization brings on the table, companies can transform IT from a cost to a profit centre.

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