5th and 6th October 2022 in Hamburg
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Speaker: René Langrock

René Langrock

René Langrock


Nativ Upper Bavarian from the county Altötting, 42 years old, living in Passau since 2014.

Hired in 2015 to establish the Supply Chain Management at company mymuesli. There hasn´t been a separated department focused on all logistic issues. As far as there were some Supply Chain jobs, they were all related to the production department.

Since april 2021 I´m Head of Strategic Material Process IT department, which I´m establishing for the whole company. Its purpose is to digitally connect all material processes for an efficient work progress.
  • Apprenticeship in IT-System-Business
  • Further education as Bachelor Professional of Business (CCI) and Master Professional of Business Management (CCI)
  • Since 2013 in leading positions for Supply Chain Management
  • Work experience in following fields of industry: food (conventional & organic), chemistry and automotive
  • Positions in all fields of Operative and Strategic, as well as small and huge companies
  • Successful working skills on improving efficiency in all situations: Changing established and creating new process networks of the Supply Chain

My most important opinions on the issues KPI und digitalization:
  • No good system without capable human resources
  • Not everything is worth to digitalize
  • A KPI is senseless if it can´t be interpreted correctly by the people
  • ERP systems should be basic knowledge for most of the economic science students

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