13th and 14th October 2021 in Hamburg
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Speaker: Sven Wosny

Sven Wosny

Sven Wosny


As managing director of movizon GmbH, Schnellecke SE and Götting KG followed his vision in founding the company in 2018 as GS Fleetcontrol to take FTF-based automation to a future-oriented level.

He is on fire for the digital transformation and believes there is great potential in the opportunities that arise - if they are approached and used properly. As a trained electrical engineer, Sven Wosny turned his hobby into his profession when he entered the IT world in 2000. As a database developer, he knows the importance and power of data. As a consultant, he has come to know and solve challenges at the interface between process and IT. As a manager and managing director, he develops future-oriented visions and designs teams, services and products to realize these visions. Beneficial, sustainable and innovative.

At movizon, it is these experiences that keep an innovative product at the Leading Edge to create real value for customers today and in the future.