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Speaker: Dr. Marinus Bouwman

Dr. Marinus Bouwman

Dr. Marinus Bouwman

KNAPP Systemintegration

Marinus is a software product manager at KNAPP and a proven expert for automation master data. Thanks to his longstanding experience in automation technology, software development as well as data management, he knows the huge impact of master data on warehouse efficiency very well.
His passion? To automatically record the exact DNA of articles in a way that highly automated warehouses can handle these items without errors from second one and unleash their full potential.
Marinus was born in the Netherlands, raised in Belgium and studied and worked all over Europe. He worked 15 years in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics, making him accustomed to High Performance Computing, Cloud Computing and Big Data.
Since 2013, Marinus worked with several startups in the field of food production which brought him a thorough understanding of how item master data comes to life.
Marinus joined KNAPP in 2018 and is responsible for software that calculates mixed pallets as well as software that automatically gathers, maintains and extends automation master data.

Represented in the following tracks at the Logistics Summit:

  • 2022 MASTERCLASSES 2 - TAG 1: By means of accurate and complete logistics master data towards high performance warehouses

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