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Steffen Obermann

Steffen Obermann

Steffen Obermann

ZUFALL logistics group

Steffen is the head of zufall.lab, CEO of LogiMate and co-founder of BicycleDudes.
"What does the future hold? Well, I have no idea. But I do know how I'd like it to be: living mindfully with people and sustainably with the environment is at the core for me." This is Steffen's guiding principle as he begins his workday.
He has become the guide in the experimental garage of ZUFALL logistics Group, a family-owned company with 2,300 employees, working to promote sustainable mindful logistics, as a bridge-builder between current logistics and the new logistic startup world, which builds future. This work has led to the founding of the logistics startup LogiMate, where harmony between planet, people, and profit is achieved. But this isn't your typical CEO job. Steffen mentors the young women's team that will eventually take over. In 2016, he founded BicycleDudes with his best friend. "Originally, we just wanted to have our own logo on bike mounts and hoodies." Following the motto "just do it," they have since become the second-largest company in the German market.
The zufall.lab is Steffen's fifth company in his fifth industry. At the beginning, he took on jobs that taught him what he didn't want in a workplace. Since then, Steffen has tried to be a trailblazer for a different work culture, where working to one's strengths and focusing on effectiveness are prioritized.

Represented in the following tracks at the Logistics Summit:

  • 2023 MAIN STAGE: Sustainability in Logistics

  • 2023 MATTERHORN MASTERCLASSES: The packaging of the future. Do buzz words like TCO, CSR, digitalisation and customer centricity play a role in this?

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